Play Higher Notes Than Ever Before

Upgrade your 21 fret Stratocaster,Telecaster or Jazzmaster Guitar with XtraFret, the easy-to-install and removable 22nd fret extension!

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Brad Gillis

“XtraFret has transformed the way I play guitar. It gives me a higher level of freedom and creativity.”

Brad Gillis


No permanent modification required

XtraFret can be installed on your stock single coil 21 fret guitar without any permanent modifications, enabling you to play notes on your guitar previously unreachable!

No permanent modification required

Unmatched precision

Our unique design of brass and steel construction provides optimal placement and stability, and ensures unmatched sound quality and precision.

Unmatched precision

Perfect for all guitarists

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, XtraFret is perfect for all guitarists who want to explore new heights on their guitar.

Perfect for all guitarists

3 Different Models

2 Custom Units for Stratocasters and Jazzmaster. 1 Standard Unit for the Telecaster

1) Single ply vintage 50's Strat Pickguard Model.

2) Three ply vintage 60's Strat, Jazzmaster Pickguard Model

3) Telecaster Standard Model

<span>3 Different Models</span>

"It's so easy to install and makes a world of difference bending up to the "HIGH E" note!"

Gillies Thoren
(Session Musician)


How much does it cost?

For a limited time, XtraFret sells for $29.99, plus $5.99 S&H and applicable taxes. XtraFret’s Brass & Steel construction is guaranteed against breakage. Our easy installation manual is included.

Who is this for?

This Device is for guitarists who want that extra fret on their 21 Fret Fender Stratocaster, Jazzmaster or Telecaster Guitar.

What makes this different?

By adding XtraFret, your able to reach the "High D" note and bend up to a "High E" note.

Are any guitar modifications needed?

No, XtraFret slips into place to add the 22nd fret and easily slips off your guitar.

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Thousands of satisfied guitarists rely on XtraFret.

“XtraFret can be installed without any modifications to your guitar, making it easy to use and enabling you to play notes that your 21 fret guitar previously couldn't reach. Designed by Brad Gillis (Ozzy Osbourne/Night Ranger Guitarist) to add that extra note on original 21 Fret Fender Strats, Telecasters and Jazzmaster guitars. Your XtraFret is made of polished Brass and Steel to insure stability and maximum sustain. Placement on the neck fretboard insures perfect intonation.”

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